Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sweet Sorrow

Completely saddened and down trodden that the Best Summer Ever is coming to an end.

2013. Adventures galore. Bachelorette party weekend in Vegas. Pool time in LA with friends and pizza. Bachelorette party in Scottsdale. Pool time in Phoenix. Leather shorts. Handful of fun shows. NovaSure. The most perfect wedding in Costa Rica. (Bride walked down the aisle to WonderWall for fucks sake). Laying around in hammocks. Feeding monkeys. Petting sloths. Hot-tubbin'. Zip linin'. Skinny dippin'. Ol' long johnsonin'. New yoga studio. New friends in Montreal. Dancing the night away. Connecting more than ever with my best friend. Bloody Caesars with chicken wings.  Poutine. Poutine. Poutine.

Not too shabby for managing to squeeze the time of your life into the grind that makes coming down-slash-back all the so much harder.