Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Nicknames I've Had:

  • G-Money
    • Given by: Downtown Dave from Pizzeria Bianco
    • Circa 2010 - Present
  • Prettycakes
    • Given by: R/Honeybearcakes/Husband
    • Circa 2004 - Present
  • Little Nugget or Lil' Nug
    • Given by: K10/Kristen
    • Circa 2014 - Present
  • Sue Nami
    • Given by: Self/Roller Derby
    • Circa 2002 - 2004
  • Baby Feet
    • Given by: Creeeeepy tour van driver in Hawaii
    • Circa 2014 - 2014 (THANK GAWD)
  • Dirty Chink
    • Given by: Mean girls in middle school (FUCK YOU)
    • Circa 1995 - 1997
Et toi??


  1. A few months ago a nurse at work (who also became a friend) called me "dipshit". I told her that was extremely disrepectful and that in future she should refer to me as "Dr Dipshit". So I became Dr D.

  2. I'm still killing the mean girls for you, be back in a flash.

  3. Cookies. (No idea where @kidchamp got that one, but I just roll with it)

  4. Ooooo! Also: the 8th grade boys dubbed me "Lemmy" because it's similar to my given name/Lemmy is the ugliest person on the planet.

    My dad still calls me Lemmy sometimes

  5. Nickname: Naurnie
    Why: Because that's what I called myself when I was learning to talk + couldn't quite manage "Lauren."
    Variations: Baby Naurnie, Naurnie Pants, Naurns
    Circa 1982-present


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