Monday, January 26, 2015


Format definitely matters, right? Remember when we all wrote blogs before Twitter and Instagram? I've been having this discussion a lot lately.

We're all too ADD (except Lauren and a select few) to commit to a longer form of expression. A friend wisely surmised that Instagram is visual poop and Twitter is verbal poop.

I once said to R, "Every blog has its shelf life." A phrase that he loves to mischievously throw back in my face from time-to-time. Some (RIP) quit while they were ahead. I guess that I'm in denial that this might be the end for W&M. May as well drag it out to the bitter end. Lisa (whom I just met IRL and has the most exquisite voice and laugh ever) is still with me.

I love the fact that I can look back on seven years worth of posts (would've been more, but I deleted my livejournal) and see what I was feeling and try to imagine what it was like to be that person. According to the numbers alone, 2009 must have been a rather self-important year coming in at a whopping 332 posts.

Anyway, I wonder about jumping ship to a more mobile friendly platform... maybe Tumblr. I already have one, its tagline is "an even larger collection of woolgathering & miscellany, only without all the soppy baggage." I'd have to rescind that last part, but I don't think anyone is keeping track.

I guess I feel a bit of a void that the blog and all you fascinating folks that came with it left. I love writing, I really do. I need a jumpstart. Sorry for that dramatic photo, I'm not quite ready to kill this one off yet.